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The Story of Lera
Thunder rumbled in the distance, catching the attention of the sleeping, discolored Luxray sleeping in her cave. Bright eyes fluttering open, the Luxray known as Lera lifted her head up, the dark cream color ears listening for any noise of danger. Thunder and lightening brought no cause for major worry. As an electric type, of course this brought her no worry, however, thunder and lightening frightened other Pokemon and meant Lera might have to fight to protect her den. She wouldn't allow the invasion of privacy, not if she could prevent it. Slowly, she stood up, still drowsy from her nap, and walked over to the entry to the cave.
Eyes surveying the land below, everything seemed alright. No pokemon were heading towards her home, no legendary footsteps were heard nearby, and so far, the lightening resulted in no fires. If the storm kept up like this, there would be nothing to worry about. That is, until a threatening growl sounded next to her. Glancing over, she saw a rouge Luxray with
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E4 and Champion by AkisSister E4 and Champion :iconakissister:AkisSister 3 0 New Region Gym Leaders by AkisSister New Region Gym Leaders :iconakissister:AkisSister 3 0
Grace Trainer Info
Coming Soon. But not soon enough.
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Villa's Trainer Info
General Info
Full Name: Villa
Nickname: Vil, Miss, Queen(ie)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 30th
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Yellow/Blonde
Body Type: Thin
Tattoos? Scars?: A beauty mark on her right hip.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Intelligence level: High
Self-Esteem level: Out of this world
Any Musical Talent: Yes
-If so, which instrument(s): Piano and violin
Any Abilities (Psychic abilities, can talk to Pokemon, etc): None.
Careful or Clumsy: Careful
Clean or Dirty Fighter: Clean, though fights dirty when she feels like she's being threatened.
Neat Freak or Slob: Neat freak to the max.
Social Butterflies or Loners: She prefers to be along, but is a 'natural' social Butterfree.
Lover or Fighter: Fighter. Any 'love' she shows you is an act to get what she wants.
Greatest Fear: Being forgotten, becoming poor, and losing her Pokemon to Team Plasma.
Style: Fashionable in her opinion.
Home Town (Region): Black City, Unova
Current Town (Region):
:iconakissister:AkisSister 3 4
Sierra in Rocket uniform with John by AkisSister Sierra in Rocket uniform with John :iconakissister:AkisSister 2 0 Sierra in Team Rocket Uniform by AkisSister Sierra in Team Rocket Uniform :iconakissister:AkisSister 4 0 Sierra with Zipp by AkisSister Sierra with Zipp :iconakissister:AkisSister 1 0
Sierra's Trainer Info
General Info
Full Name: Sierra
Nickname: Sis
Age: 14
Birthday: September 7th
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Body Type: Thin (When you work for Team Rocket, you got a build to keep!)
Tattoos? Scars?: Scar on her back from an uncontrollable Dark Raichu.
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Intelligence level: Fairly High
Self-Esteem level: Medium
Any Musical Talent: Some.
-If so, which instrument(s): Practices violin when she feels lonely.
Any Abilities (Psychic abilities, can talk to Pokemon, etc): None, unless her (and her Pokemons')  attitude change when she wears her Team Rocket uniform count.
Careful or Clumsy: Careful.
Clean or Dirty Fighter: Will usually do a Clean fight, but she will fight Dirty if she's mad or in a TR mood.
Neat Freak or Slob: A little of both.
Social Butterflies or Loners: Social Butterfree.
Lover or Fighter: She loves to Fight, but she's a Lover too.
Greatest Fear: Having no more Team Rocket. Loosing her Pokemon.
:iconakissister:AkisSister 1 0
Hime's Trainer Info
General Info
Full Name: Hime
Nickname: Hime, Princess
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 14
Eye Color: Light Blue
Skin Color: Slightly Pale (has tanned up a little since journey)
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Body Type: Thin, but has some child fat still
Tattoos? Scars?: A scar on her stomach from an accident she refuses to speak of.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Intelligence level: Medium
Self-Esteem level: Good
Any Musical Talent: None
-If so, which instrument(s):
Any Abilities (Psychic abilities, can talk to Pokemon, etc): Has a natural thing for Grass types.
Careful or Clumsy: Clumsy
Clean or Dirty Fighter: Clean
Neat Freak or Slob: Neat Freak!
Social Butterflies or Loners: She's super shy.
Lover or Fighter: Lover.
Greatest Fear: Having her Pokemon die, get hurt, or lose something (like a Roserade with a damaged coat). Losing her friends.
Style: Light, colorful, and simple.
Home Town (Region):
Current Town (Region):
Regions visited:
One word to describe
:iconakissister:AkisSister 1 0
Kanaha Trainer Info
General Info
Full Name: Unknown
Alias: Kanaha Hasume
Nickname: Kana, Ka-chan
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 15
Eye Color: Dark/Olive Green
Skin Color: Normal (? *le-shrug*)
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde (looks Brown-ish)
Body Type: Slightly chubby, but thinning out
Tattoos? Scars?: A bruise on right knee from a hard fall as a kid.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Intelligence level: Medium (High when it comes to Pokemon)
Self-Esteem level: Medium
Any Musical Talent:
-If so, which instrument(s):
Any Abilities (Psychic abilities, can talk to Pokemon, etc):
Careful or Clumsy:
Clean or Dirty Fighter:
Neat Freak or Slob:
Social Butterflies or Loners:
Lover or Fighter:
Greatest Fear:
Home Town(Region):
Current Town(Region):
Regions visited:
One word to describe personality:
Short Paragraph of personality:
Rich? Middle Class? Poor?:
Age they started Journey:
Association? (Rocket, Galactic, etc):
Skills (In Battle):
Skills (Out of Battle):
First Pokemon:
:iconakissister:AkisSister 3 0
Rachel's Trainer Info
General Info
Full Name: Rachel
Alias: Kira Hasume
Nickname: Kiki, Ra-chi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 16th
Eye Color: Dark Green
Skin Color: Dark Peach
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde/Brunette
Body Type: Chubby
Tattoos? Scars?: Small white scar on Right wrist
Sexual Orientation: Straight (Bi-curious)
Intelligence level: Varies
Self-Esteem level: Low
Any Musical Talent: Small
-If so, which instrument(s): Ocarina
Any Abilities (Psychic abilities, can talk to Pokemon, etc): None, though has a strong bond with her Pokemon.
Careful or Clumsy: Mainly Careful.
Clean or Dirty Fighter: Clean.
Neat Freak or Slob: Slob (though she dreams of Neatness)
Social Butterflies or Loners: She is a loner through and through.
Lover or Fighter: Lover~
Greatest Fear: Drowning, Death, and Ghosts
Style: Loves the color black and (blood) red. Wears jeans so she isn't full on black. Likes the color grey, too.
Home Town (Region):
Current Town (Region):
Regions visited: Kanto (home region), Sin
:iconakissister:AkisSister 2 0
Cususu Meets TOREKI
Cususu yawned as he got up from bed, rubbing at his eyes. It was roughly four in the morning, but right now, Cususu wanted to sneak out for a little and relax.
It was still pretty dark outside and the vest Cususu wore did little to warm him, but he tried not to mind it too much. He wanted to talk to that strangle girl from yesterday. She had walked around in a black cloak that hid her face (though Cususu could see enough to guess she was pretty young and had light pink skin). Her companion was only slightly taller then her, and had grey skin under his own black cloak. But that wasn't what got his attention.
It was the girl's ablity to predict things that were spot on. She told a young man to stay away from a young female in red high heels. Two days later, he was dating a girl with red high heels. If that wasn't uncanny enough, she dumped him right away for a rich guy who just said hello to her. Once when he had passed her booth, she told him to be careful on the stairs. Cususu tripped
:iconakissister:AkisSister 0 0
Unfinished Shiny Umebreon by AkisSister Unfinished Shiny Umebreon :iconakissister:AkisSister 0 0 Me- Kanaha by AkisSister Me- Kanaha :iconakissister:AkisSister 1 0

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AkisSister has started a donation pool!
5 / 100
My Donation Pool~ I hope you'll donate.

You are welcome to commission me or maybe you'd like to help me buy some Pokemon? Me and my sister's ranch could always use some more friends!

.:Commission Price:.
Pencil/Pen- 4:points:
Lineart- 8:points:
Base color- 10:points:
Shading- 15:points:
Full Coloring (background included)- 20:points: (depending on the background, it might take me a while so...)
Chibi- Price Lower of 2:points: on digital art. Full coloring- 17:points:

I'm willing to haggle prices depending on what you want me to draw~ (but I should probably draw more first...)

Currently Need to Buy:
Nothing~ But I'm prone to adopting lots, beware!

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Yikes I didn't mean to be gone for so long, I swear!! ;o;
It's just… I've been kinda busy working on other stuff, like homework and it doesn't give me a lot of free time. Well, that and my motivation is usually snapped away thanks to it too! But with the realization that Netflix has Pokemon stuff now and a little Pokemon-watch session later… I remembered this account and am ready to get back to work!

…Seriously though, I watched all of PKMN Black and White Netflix had to offer, both Victini movies (again), and am "re-watching" the old Indigo League episodes (technically; I haven't seen them since I was a kid!).

However… I now am trying to put together how to start my story up again (I'm not sure where to begin anymore… There's too much I want to do!) and am going to re-work my old PKMN game plans. :I There's some things I want to do over… Which also means I'm re-working my PKMN OCs too! c: I have better ideas for them now than I used to~

Um… Probably going to commission people now too. I have some OCs and their Pokemon I want drawn sooooo… Also, I'll get to posting that OC ASAP!

I think that's it for now… Now put my life on pause while I go through 11,539 dA messages…. /cries/


Kanaha Hime
United States
Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat
I am a RP account, Ask, and Main! Feel free to talk to me, okay?
Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat Free Shiny Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-Cat
Link to Information on my RP Pokemon:…

I haven't been on in a long time, but I'm back! I'm Kanaha, Aki's sister. I'm a little shy, but I'm sure we can be great friends. :star:

.: About Me (Outside of RP) :.
I'm a girl, more Umbreon (that's shiny Umbreon to you!) then any other Pokemon and really shy. I'm more active if I leave a comment, but if you reply, I'm bound to get really shy! I suffer from singles blues... Ehehe~ Though I really like Silver! N is pretty cool too, though! But I'm certain Aki likes him much more then I could~! (It's really cute too.)

I'm a bit of rabid Pokemon nerd and I don't watch much other anime like my sister does. She gets me to watch some, but I never finish them. No matter if everyone else says Pokemon "sinks", I'll love it forever! You just can't grow out of a love so deep! That's what I believe. I wear glasses (runs in the family I guess) and I love to eat hte pastas. (Hehehe!) I believe sis when she says to blame it on being Italian! I like Hetalia~ I don't really like (don't tell Aki!) sour candies like sour patch kids. They're good, I agree, but I don't have a taste for them. I can take maybe four, five at the most. It's unbarable for any more! I'm going to leave it at that. If you want to know any more, just ask!

....Although, I might be too shy to answer...< o//////o>

.: Icons I Agree with :heart: :.
Pokemon: Silver by st-stamps

.:My Family:.

:My Love:.
No one.... Yet. :heart:

.:My (Pokemon) Sister:.
:iconakitheshinigami: Your such a great sister! Though I think we need to talk to other people just like how we talk to people on here, don't you think?

:iconlonely-silver: I haven't seen you in a long time… I don't know if this means I'm not your Pokemon anymore, but I hope you'll come back…
:iconaskreshiramn: You know, I haven't seen you in a long time too… I hope you're doing okay, at least!
:iconnuii700: Your fun to RP with! Kiki will be a good mom, but little dark Eevee is going to be a handful! Good luck...
:iconthedancingpikachu: I wish I remember that RP we did... But till then, I'll keep trying to meet you in pikaroom!
:iconllirbwerdnadivad: Thanks for saying you'll be my friend in that chatroom~ I'll try to do my best to make this a really good friendship!!

.:Icons I Like:.

.:Icons for My Sister:.
:iconnrapefaceplz: :iconpervynplz: :iconpokemonnplz: :iconcreepernplz: :iconnwthplz: :iconsadwindowcreepernplz: :iconnisveryhappyplz:

Current Residence: Unova
Favourite genre of music: Anything, as long as it sounds good to me (but mainly techno & pop)
Favourite photographer: My none too famous Mom~
Favourite style of art: Anime & cartoon (like the style I use)
Operating System: Computer/Laptop
MP3 player of choice: IPod/IPod Touch
Shell of choice: Uh.... Eggshells?
Wallpaper of choice: Pokemon?
Skin of choice: I would like to keep mine thank you!
Favourite cartoon character: I like Silver! Reshi!N is too~!
Personal Quote: "B-but you can't! I need him for my next Gym battle!"



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